Sweet Stone Maple Farm

Continuing a family tradition of making Pure Maple Syrup in Vermont's Northeast Kingdom

The Remick Family's Maple Farm

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We are busy gearing up for another maple sugaring season. It's been a cold snowy winter here in Hardwick, Vermont and as I write in the last week of February it's hard to imagine that the thaws of spring are right around the corner. Nevertheless, we're preparing for the season ahead. Tapping is slow this year. We're snoeshoeing through three to four feet of snow as we move from one tree to the next. Some of the sap lines are under the snow and need to be dug out. 

In the sugarhouse we aren't planning many changes this year. We'll have a new, larger filter press so we can filter the hot syrup faster. We'll also have a new, larger draw-off tank to give us a little more room for syrup to accumulate when we have to stop filtering to change filter papers. Someday it would be nice to have a bigger sugarhouse but that's not in the plan for this year.


Sweet Stone Maple Farm is the Remick family's maple farm in Hardwick, Vermont. Named after the granite quarries situated among our maple groves, Sweet Stone Maple Farm produces only 100% pure Vermont maple syrup. Maple syrup is an all-natural sweetener made by boiling sap collected from our own sugar maple trees. We are committed stewards of our land and follow a sustainable forest management plan for Sweet Stone's maple orchard. We are adding new equipment for the 2011 season which will enable us to be more efficient and to produce even more Sweet Stone pure Vermont maple syrup!


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